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Why do you need drain surveys?

Having your drain thoroughly assessed using a tiny camera used to be a pipe dream. Nowadays, this is not only possible — it’s simple to do. This article is going to explain why a drain survey is a great idea, regardless of your status or circumstance as a homeowner. What is a CCTV drain survey? … Continue reading

Copper pipes vs PVC for plumbing

There’s Apple vs Android, Coke vs Pepsi, but little can divide plumbers more than the rivalry of Copper vs PVC Both copper and PVC pipes are widely used across homes in the UK. Copper has proven to be a reliable source; it’s usage for delivering water has been shown to go back around four thousand … Continue reading

How to make a bathroom safe for elderly people

Bathrooms can be hazardous for elderly people, especially for those suffering with vision, mobility or injury problems. A bad fall can cause serious problems, but reducing the risk is simple and easy to implement. This article will look at some of the changes you can make to a bathroom to make it more accessible for … Continue reading

How to fix a Pop-up Drain plug

One of the most common faults to occur in sinks is where a pop-up drain plug suddenly fails to open and close. There are a number of reasons of why this may occur but usually the problem can be resolved fairly easily. This article will help you to understand the mechanical workings of your sink … Continue reading

You Googled It, We Answer It – Common Toilet Questions

We’ve all Googled the weird and wonderful, so to answer your questions, Jet Rod are here to share some of our most common toilet and drainage related searches. Below are the most commonly Googled questions – so whoever has been asking these things (we hope it’s mainly out of sheer curiosity) we have the answers … Continue reading

How To Unclog Your Toilet

A blocked toilet is quite the unpleasant topic but what’s more unpleasant is leaving your toilet clogged or having this issue occur frequently. The first thing you will want to do, of course, is unclog your toilet and this can be done with unblocker liquids or with the use of a plunger. Next you will … Continue reading

How Your Toilet Works – Part 1

There are certain things around the home that we really don’t enjoy doing, such as cleaning and general maintenance, however, it’s important to keep up with these small jobs. If you leave everything to the last minute you might be caught short and be faced with unpleasant problems. Facilities, such as the kitchen sink, the … Continue reading

My drains are blocked – what should I do?

We’ve seen it before and we’ll certainly see it again: the warning signs of a blocked drain. Whether you’re in the shower and the water is taking longer than usual to drain so there is a pool of water at your feet, or maybe there’s a strong eggy smell coming from the kitchen sink; this … Continue reading

What is a ‘drains map’?

Like GPS in our phones or a physical map, we use them to navigate from A to B, and this is the same for drains underground. To ensure all is kept in clear order, drain maps exist to help workers pinpoint and find the appropriate drain, should they need to tend to an issue or … Continue reading

Why your bathroom sink smells

No matter how hard you try – whether you use sink strainers or food disposal – food particles will still journey through your drain and some bits can find themselves stuck within the pipes. So what we really want to know is, why does it smell so bad and what can we do to resolve … Continue reading