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Why do you need drain surveys?

Having your drain thoroughly assessed using a tiny camera used to be a pipe dream. Nowadays, this is not only possible — it’s simple to do. This article is going to explain why a drain survey is a great idea, regardless of your status or circumstance as a homeowner.

What is a CCTV drain survey?

A CCTV drain survey is a comprehensive inspection of your drains using tiny cameras and specialist equipment. These cameras can scour your drains and will feed back live video to the drainage specialists operating them. The advantage of this happening in real time is that any issues can be identified and rectified immediately if necessary. The experts will then compile a list of the remaining issues and work out the most efficient and cost effective way to solve them. This provides you with a transparent understanding on the conditions of your drain. You will be fully aware of the present issues, how much they will cost, as well as gain the confidence of knowing you shouldn’t suddenly be hit with any emergency drain problems — rather than leaving it to chance.

Why would I need one?

A CCTV drain survey will be beneficial regardless of which stage of homeowning you are at. If you are looking to buy a new house, a drain survey can be an excellent way to get a figure on drain maintenance costs. This can help give you peace of mind and reduce the risk of purchasing a house with a damaged drain.

Alternatively, if you’re already a homeowner, CCTV drain surveys can be the answer to one-off or recurring drain issues. A drain survey is the best way to obtain full understanding of any internal issues, and rectifying the issue early will be far cheaper than the cost of repairing more serious subsequent damage.

How does it work?

CCTV drain surveys will usually be carried out in the following way:

  • Consultation with a drainage expert to discuss your drain history, known issues and other circumstances.
  • The expert will set up their equipment and insert the CCTV camera into your drainage system.
  • The camera is guided along the drainage system by an access rod.
  • The camera will feed back live video to the drainage expert, who will then identify and assess any issues as they find them.
  • A report and advice will be provided instantly.

What will the survey find?

Drains can be a host to a huge number of issues. Some of them include:

  • Blockages
  • Corrosion
  • Cracks
  • Leaks
  • Animals

Your expert will be fully versed on how to identify these issues and can act swiftly to repair any damage that requires immediate attention.

Here at Jet Rod, our team have a wealth of experience delivering comprehensive CCTV drain surveys to customers throughout Manchester, Macclesfield and surrounding areas. If you’re purchasing a new house, we operate a seperate house pre-purchase survey — because everyone deserves to buy a house in confidence. To hear more about our wide range of services, give our friendly team a call today.

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